Family hosts benefit to help remember son

Family hosts benefit to help remember son

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Friends and family of Tyler Garcia remember him as a funny, smart and kind hearted young man.

"He was a happy, fun, loving, caring this little boy cared more about people than I think himself," said Roxanne Jones, Tyler's mother.
"Something you could call on him regardless of what it was," said Jacob Forbess, a long time friend of Tyler.
In 2014, their lives changed forever when Tyler took his own life after being bullied.

Now, Tyler's mother is stepping up and speaking out.
"When you lose a child you never get over it," said Jones.  "You try to live your life but you never get over that.  We're out here today because we don't want another parent to go through this.  Until someone steps up and says we're not going to tolerate bullying anymore it's still going to go on."

That reason gave the idea to spread Tyler's message all over Texas through billboards to bring awareness to bullying.

Sunday Tyler's family and friends hosted a benefit to raise money for that campaign.

On the billboards will be Tyler's picture and the phrase "T.A.G. you're it, spread kindness not violence," T.A.G, standing for Tyler Andrew Garcia and the message Jones said he lived by.
"Someone could see that billboard it might make them come forward and say I'm being scared I'm being bullied," said Jones.

Jones wants to tell anyone who may be in the same shoes as Tyler was that they are not alone.

"People will listen," said Jones.   "Go to your parents.  Go to your school don't stop until it gets solved because it will be solved."

"This is bigger than us," said Forbess.  "Tyler didn't pass for no reason and that this is a campaign to actually help stop bullying."

Tyler's family hope to even get billboards across the country, one they hope to put in New York City, where millions of people can see Tyler's message.