Two key issues for early voters In Wichita County

Two key issues for early voters In Wichita County

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Texans can head to the ballot box today if they plan to vote early before the May 6th elections. Between Monday, April 24th and Tuesday, May 2nd Texans can get a head start on deciding their future leaders and supporting or opposing select local issues.

Wichita County voters will be making a historic vote over whether to support a $70 million-dollar bond that would support the funds needed to build a new county jail. You can learn more about this jail issue by clicking HERE!

But it's not just a new jail issue that Wichita voters will be considering, they'll also have to decide if they support Wichita County authorization to create a county assistance district (CAD).

According to Wichita County Commissioners CAD would allow the county to use sales taxes collected in unincorporated parts of the county for local use such as road repairs and aiding area fire departments. For more information on this (CAD) issue click HERE!

For a list of early voting locations in Wichita County, you can click HERE!