Nurse speaks out after helping victims in deadly wreck

Nurse speaks out after rendering aid at deadly wreck
Wreck On Kemp
Wreck On Kemp

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A Wichita Falls nurse did her best to help an elderly couple involved in a serious car accident that one person died from.

Wrecks can be deadly, just like the one that occurred Monday afternoon at Kemp Boulevard and East Elliott Street.

It is also a very scary time for the people involved.

That is why when Teena McCurdy saw people in trouble, she jumped into action.

McCurdy said she was on her way home from Toys 'R' Us after looking for a toy for her daughters upcoming birthday.

She had no idea what was about to happen next.

On her way home she saw a serious car crash, stopped, and put her nursing skills to work.

"I just ran out of the car and yelled that I am a nurse," McCurdy said. "And asked if anybody needed anything. I noticed that the woman was still in her car seat and bleeding pretty badly. Both she and her husband were. That is where instincts kicked in."

McCurdy found the elderly couple trapped inside a flipped car.

She said the woman seemed dazed and confused, while it appeared the man was trying to help.

"He kept reaching for her," McCurdy said. "And we had to tell them they were okay. That we are here and people are with you. Your car is flipped on the side. You both are badly injured. Please don't move. Let us take car of you."

At first it seemed the elderly woman might be okay.

"She was speaking to me, following my commands as far as wiggling her toes, whether anything hurt, and what was going on," McCurdy said. "And she was able to verbally tell me what the problem was."

But her condition quickly declined once first responders showed up.

McCurdy was doing all she could to keep both of them conscious until help could arrive.

"I was just making sure they stayed conscious," McCurdy said. "Checking for pulses, checking their pupils, making sure that everything was working correctly and the way that it should."

McCurdy said she stepped in because it was the right thing to do.

"If there is anything that you can do, you should jump in and do it," McCurdy said. "It is just being a caring and loving person. And I think I speak for any nurse; when we take that oath we mean it. I couldn't just drive off when I saw something going on and there wasn't correct help."

McCurdy said there were more witnesses that helped hold the car still while she attended to the couple, including another nurse.

79-year-old Linda Ann Harper of Iowa Park eventually died from her injuries.

The cause of the wreck is still under investigation.

McCurdy adds her thoughts go out to the Harper family and anyone else impacted by the deadly crash.

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