Bellevue sophomore brings home school's first state champion title

Bellevue sophomore brings home school's first state champion title
(Source: Bellevue ISD)
(Source: Bellevue ISD)
(Source: Bellevue ISD)
(Source: Bellevue ISD)

BELLEVUE, Tx (KAUZ) - A Bellevue High School sophomore made history last Friday after becoming the first state champion for the school.

Sophomore Jonathon Walker won an UIL Academy Meet in Austin. Walker started his run as 1A State Number Sense Champion seven years ago when he first got involved as a fourth grader. Number Sense is an 80 mark math test where students try to solve the problems under a determined time limit.

His special bond with his coach Johnny Chandler, who he has worked with since the beginning, led to him becoming a state champ in number sense.

The coach said he is the one that feels like the real winner.

"When a teacher gets to work with a smart kid, it makes him feel like a real teacher," Coach Walker said. "They know what they're talking about."

"He's like a good friend even though the age difference is a lot," Jonathon said.

Walker just missed out on being state champion last year but he had bigger goals this year.

"He made a statement that he's going to state and he's going to win it," Coach Walker said.

Jonathon said when he finished his test, he tallied up the points and he realized something as they started announcing the scores.

"My eyes widened a little bit after each one cause I'm like mine's way up there," Jonathon said.

He remained humble despite being the school's only ever state champion.

"My mom said a lot of people were going to say 'thank you and good job' and I'm like 'man my whole life I try to keep a low profile,'" Jonathon said. "I don't like that much attention."

Jonathon said he expects to bring another state championship next year as a junior. He said it will start by becoming district champion which starts in April.

He not only took home the state champion title in number sense but he was also the state runner-up in Mathematics in that same meet.

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