Heroes of Texoma: Village for Homeless Veterans

Heroes of Texoma: Village for Homeless Veterans

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The adjustment for veterans back into civilian life can be hard and a lot of veterans find themselves needing help.

North Texas Veterans Relief Fund is a new group here in Wichita Falls, formed last year.

"We've been able to assist one family and this is just the starting point, there's more that we need to do," says North Texas Veterans Relief Fund Board Member Chris De La Garza.

And North Texas Veterans Relief Fund is not wasting any time.

Already providing gas and food money to veterans when needed, the group is working towards building a tiny home village for homeless or at risk of being homeless veterans.

The group is hoping to have around 50 tiny houses in the village each with electricity, water, as well as a community center.

"The community center will act as a hub for veteran services offices where they can come in and meet with the veterans. It will have classrooms for any veterans going through online training programs, access to computers, we will have a food pantry, a chapel. We will have basically a one-stop shop," said De La Garza.

The group got the idea after the veterans community project in St. Louis, Missouri built one of their own.

"What they've done in less than two years is a full-blown community center and 50 homes up and functioning to help the veterans. We want to do that here because I believe as a military community we can do it," said De La Garza.

The housing would be temporary but veterans staying at the village would receive the full attention of the group during their stay.

"We want to address what is it that caused the homelessness. Whether it was substance abuse, mental health, lack of access to their benefits and resources. We're just going to make sure they have a safe, secure roof over their heads while they're getting their lives back together and get back on their feet," said De La Garza.

The village is still in the planning stage but in the meantime, the group is still helping any veterans they come across and are accepting donations of money, food, and gas cards.

We just need the community to rally behind our veterans and say a homeless veteran is unacceptable and this community is going to put a stop to it," said De La Garza.

The next fundraiser benefiting the North Texas Veterans Relief Fund is in May.

For more details or to volunteer, you can email them at NTVRF@yahoo.com.

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