Changes coming to those who use SNAP for unemployment benefits

Changes coming to those who use SNAP for unemployment benefits

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Changes are coming to how the Texas Workforce Solutions help those who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.

These changes are a result of a cut in federal in funding. The program is funded by the Department of Agriculture.

Originally, if someone qualified for the program and was also unemployed, Workforce Solutions could help them when it came to transportation when looking for jobs.

They were able to do this by paying for SNAP recipients' vehicle registrations or even car insurance but now with recent cut backs also comes more regulations.

However, project director for the Workforce Solutions of North Texas, Lisa McDaniel is not too worried about the cutback.

"Those areas that we really put a restriction on are not commonly that we've assisted with here in our area," said McDaniel.  "There may have been other areas that have done that but for us the main thing is them needing that transportation assistance to get to and from getting their work searched to get a job."

Workforce Solutions North Texas will still help with transportation when it comes to giving those who qualify for SNAP a bus pass and gas cards.
Those who work with the center said people who qualify for SNAP benefits and used their services in the past, should not worry.

At Thursday's meeting, the Workforce Solutions board also passed to purchase a new vehicle.

Their current car goes to surrounding counties in North Texas every day, giving services to people, like hosting job fairs and providing computer access to help people look for jobs.

They said the reason for the new car is because the one they have is just getting old.

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