'Falls' popular tourist spot closing temporarily

'Falls' popular tourist spot closing temporarily

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A tourist spot in Wichita Falls will be closed for at least the next three months.

The Falls is going to be waterless and closed for the Falls Bridge Replacement and Bypass Trail Project according to Director of Parks and Recreation, Jack Murphy.

The current bridge across the falls will be taken down and a new one will be put up. The new bridge will be 14 feet wide compared to the current bridge that sits at seven feet wide.

It will also be straight across and not at an angle like the current bridge. This will allow city vehicles to cross it if need be.

The bypass trail's purpose is to become ADA compliant (American's with Disabilities Act.)

The trail now is too steep and is only eight feet wide. The new trail will bypass parts of the old trail. It will be on a flatter slope and will be ten feet wide. Portions of the original trail will still be there.

Signs to warn people to avoid the area will be put up as well as barricades to keep people from wandering into the construction area. There is no set timeline on when the work will begin but Murphy said they work is expected to be completed by mid-summer weather permitting.

He also said there is a five-month deadline on the project but the work is expected to be complete in three months.

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