Old Texas boundary celebrated by new monument

Old Texas boundary celebrated by new monument

BURKBURNETT, TX (KAUZ) - A piece of Texas history was celebrated Saturday, the Red River boundary between the lone star state and Oklahoma.

The new monument that represents the old boundary between the Republic of Texas and Oklahoma can be seen in Burkburnett.

That original boundary was identified by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, an organization dedicated to preserving, educating and researching the history of Texas for all generations.

"It's one of the official boundaries of the Red River and the Old Republic of Texas," Dr. Betty Edwards said. "We still consider Oklahoma part of Texas."

That boundary was established in 1836.

"When the Texans fought and won their independence from Mexico and the dictator Santa Ana, we went by the boundaries that we felt incorporated the Republic of Texas," Dr. Edwards said.

Several Texans came out to honor one of those boundaries as the monument was unveiled.

While the Republic of Texas may be no more many proud Texans still hold on to the values of their ancestors.

"Texans fight for liberty and justice," Dr. Edwards said. "I was going to say the American way but it's the Texas way."

The dispute over the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma along the still-shifting red river led to the red river boundary commission in 1995 maybe this monument will help settle some of those boundary disputes too.

The monument is located at 1584 E. 3rd St, Burkburnett, Texas.