Dogs and owners compete in dog show

WICHITA FALLS, TX - From golden retrievers, to the corgi, dogs of all sizes took part in the Faith City Kennel Dog Show.

Theresa Leatherwood is the show chairman for the club.

She said this weekend, it's about showing the dog.

"We're all so interested of our dogs and trying to preserve the breed standards," said Leatherwood. "Trying to have really nice dogs and to show people that these are the best of the best of our breed."

Jeanie McAdams originally competed in horse shows, but about 10 years ago started showing dogs.

She and her miniature American shepherd, Jimmy won best of show in the owner-handler category this weekend.

Jimmy also holds the title of number one in the country for his breed in the American Kennel Club.

"He gets to go home and he's a house dog," said McAdams. "He gets to chase the cows and have dog pool parties.  They're spoiled."

In dog shows, you're never too young to compete.

There is a junior league where kids can show their four legged friends.

Dogs need to be taught, but as Cortlune Towell said, it's up to the owner to know how to teach.
"Dogs are different from any other dog," said Towell.  "They each have pretty much you have to learn about you dog."

Like McAdams, Larue Bedford showed horses for years, but when she retired she missed showing.

That's when she met Tubbs, who took part in his third show Sunday.
"This is a fun way to meet people and enjoy the dogs," said McAdams.  "We plan on showing him for a championship is what our goal is."

McAdams said for anyone who has never been to a dog show, it's something you should try.

"There's something for everybody you know," said McAdams.  "If somebody doesn't like to show maybe they like to groom or maybe they like to watch.  You can't ever have too many people cheering you on."

475 dogs took part in this weekend's competition.