High winds cause problems for some Texoma homeowners

CITY VIEW, TX (KAUZ) - Many Texomans are cleaning up on Monday after high winds leave behind a lot of damage.

Wind speeds on Sunday got up to more than 50 mph. One man who lives in City View had dozens of shingles ripped off his roof. He estimates it will cost about $900 to repair.

That homeowner said it sounded like a tornado was ripping through his neighborhood. Right next door to his home in a neighbor's backyard a shed was flipped over on its side.

Jacking Lenehan, who lives in Wichita Falls, is calling herself fortunate after multiple tree branches were knocked down in her yard missing her house.

"When we woke up this morning there was a branch line across the driveway, so that had to be taken out before people can go to work," said Lenehan.

Lenehan said multiple trees were damaged by the winds, and she is not sure if any of the shingles on her roof were damaged but is going to have it looked at.

Many others have a lot of debris to deal with including residents near Elizabeth Ave. and Pearl Ave. where tree limbs were down near the road and in people's yards.

One tree trimming business owner has some advice to avoid falling victim to fallen tree branches.

They say doing some upkeep on the trees in your yard every year can prevent property damage and save you thousands of dollars.

Adding checking the health of your trees and trimming excess or dead branches is also key because rotten trees can not handle high winds.

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