Graham community mourns the loss of one of their own

Graham community mourns the loss of one of their own

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Graham is mourning the loss of one of their one.

The tragic death of Harrison Brown, a Graham High School graduate who was killed Monday in the stabbing attack at the University of Texas-Austin, has the community remembering the impact he had on so many.

Harrison was a member of the track team, student council and above all what many called a great friend and beautiful person.

They say Harrison had a passion for people and music. One thing is certain, the voice of Harrison will forever play in the hearts of those who know and love him.

"He was a dreamer even if like he failed at something he always tried again he was really just an inspiring person to be around all the time," said Ryan Karper, Junior at Graham High School.

Elizabeth Routin, who is also a Junior at Graham High School, said she was neighbors with Harrison growing up and always looked up to him.

Like Elizabeth and Ryan, so many students at Graham High School are remembering the good times they shared with Harrison.

Joshua Kidd, the Director of Band for the district, said he has enjoyed hearing all of the stories the kids are sharing even though it has been tough for them.

"Kind of through the tears," said Kidd. "You know sometimes those tears have started off sad, and as they told their story it's turned to happy tears and laughter."

As memories of Harrison continue to fill the minds of many, there is one thing some say they will never understand, why the 19-year-old was taken from this earth so soon.

"He's not going to be here anymore and that's something I can't quite wrap my head around," said Bailey Green, a Graham High School Graduate.  

Harrison's former teacher Stephanie Talbott said it has been difficult to express how they all feel.

"It's definitely a rip from the heart for our family," said Talbott.

Ryan Gordy, one of the Graham High School Student Council Sponsors, said when their own children or students ask why Harrison, they do not know what to say because they do not understand either.

However, many believe Harrison would want them to stay positive and know everything will be okay.

"Because he was always the guy that wanted to make you feel better," said his friend Ryan.

Talbot said she thinks he would tell them to pull together and that he loves them.

"You're my family and move on and don't forget that you need to be there for each other," said Talbott.

Joe Gordy, the principal of Graham High School watched Harrison grow up and said that is exactly what the community is doing. 

"It's unfathomable the loss the Brown family feels, the community feels because he was such a great kid," said Gordy. "He was going to do great things in the world. To lose that to a senseless act of violence is unreal."

Although Harrison's life was cut short, his impact will be long lasting.

"I think of Harrison as this little Halley's Comet," said Talbott. "He blew through our lives and he was so bright and full of sparks."

That spark will forever be ignited through the family, friends and countless others who say his legacy will live on.

John Brown, Harrison's older brother said Harrison's family is in Austin right now, and although they are miles away he said they can still feel the outpouring support from the Graham community.

John also said Harrison was kind, compassionate and he knows that he would forgive the person who took his life.

The Graham ISD band director said the high school's band, the Rompin' Stompin' Big Blue Band, plans on dedicating a piece of music to Harrison at their concert Thursday night.

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