Heroes of Texoma: Staff Sergeant Benjamin Morris

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - From Kentucky to South Carolina and now here in Texas, Staff Sergeant Benjamin Morris has traveled across the United States and the world serving his country.

Currently he's stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base as an Avionics Instructor.

Benjamin Morris joined the Air Force after growing up in Owensboro, Kentucky.

"I think I chose the Air Force cause my grandpa was Army Air Corp. And I remember he went through basic training here at Sheppard," said Morris.

Morris was then sent to basic training in San Antonio before moving to Charleston, South Carolina for nine years.

While in South Carolina, he was sent on missions around the world including helping those impacted by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

For the past year, Morris has been serving at Sheppard AFB for the past year as an avionics instructor.

It's a job he enjoys.

"I enjoy it because they're always full of questions and I feel like I can guide them in the right direction hopefully get them started on the right foot when they step out of here," Morris said.

Morris is currently working towards a Criminal Justice degree from the University of Louisville and plans to move back to Charleston, South Carolina to work as a game warden when his Air Force career ends.

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