Hometown Pride Tour: Classic cars bring people across the world to Nocona

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - This year is the Fifth Anniversary of Cruisin' Nocona this weekend. The event kicks off with the Classic Car Poker Cruise across the North Texas Hill Country on May 4. The Vacari Auction is May 5th and 6th.

Pete Vacari first came to Nocona to personally deliver a car to Pete Horton.

"He took an interest in our lovely little community and decided that he might want to host an auction in Nocona," Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce, Michelle Fenoglio said.

"Why not here in Nocona? It's pretty much in the central of kind of north and south here and it brings a lot of people to a little small community," Billy Dean Dobbs said.

A town with a population of about 3000 is known as the classic car capital of Texas. Home to the Horton Classic Car Museum, Pete Horton's personal collection of classic cars. Dobbs is the Museum Curator.

"Once you come in the door you'll be overwhelmed," Dobbs said.

"The fact that we are blessed to have a car museum of this caliber in a town of 3000 people is absolutely amazing," Michelle said.

The auction comes around once a year, but the museum brings in people from across the globe all year long.

"I come from a little town called Te Awamutu which is in the north island of New Zealand," David Meek said.

"It's just amazing the amount of people that come from all over the world that come to visit a bunch of classic cars," Dobbs said.

"Just an interest in cars basically. Old new everything," Meek said.

"There's a feeling of fun and nostalgia. A classic car brings back memories for people," Michelle said.

"There's a big variety of different things in here but most all just the vet collection alone speaks for itself," Dobbs said.

From 1953 to 1973 they have every model except '59 and '68.

"We're just very blessed to be able to have two wonderful people that will open up their private collection and share parts of history with the public," Dobbs said.

Another Classic car collection plans to make its home in Nocona within the next six months. Dan Fenoglio is helping Richard Lipscomb move back into one of his first car lots.

"Mr. Lipscomb has quite a collection himself of cars so he's going to display those in here, " Dan said.

He moved into this building around 1980 but quickly moved his dealership to bowie to be on Highway 287.

"He was raised up here and kind of want to give back a little bit to the town and we just are so glad that he is," Dan said.

Helping restore another building along the Highway 82 and downtown stretch.

"We're very lucky for a town this size to have 80 percent of our downtown completely redone and probably pretty close to 85 to 90-percent of the highway. Were very fortunate for a small town to have that," Dan said.

This building will soon look like it did when it first opened as a Ford dealership in 1946.

"There's just a lot going on and it's really nice to kind of put it back like it was in that time frame. There's a lot of history," Dan said.

Along with Lipscomb's personal collection on display, he will also sale used and classic cars here.

"We're just so glad that he's coming to do that because we just have a lot of car clubs from all over the country that come and go to the Horton museum and then I'm sure that they would like to come and look at these cars too so it's going to be really really good for the town," Dan said.

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