League of Women Voters in Wichita Falls encourages strong voter turnout

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The League of Women Voters in Wichita Falls is hoping they can help increase the number of voters taking part in this weekend's May 6th city and county elections taking place across Texas.

So far 2,353 of the county's 75,119 registered voters have cast a ballot. Kaye Holland of the LWV wants to see those numbers increase.

"We don't tell them how to vote we just want them to be involved. We want them to be knowledgeable that's what we do with the voter's guide is try to inform the choices are whenever he or she gets to vote," said Holland.

Early voting ended on Tuesday, May 2nd. The last day to vote is Saturday, May 6th and Holland says if you are registered you should make your voice heard.

"Many people think well it doesn't impact me or well I don't have an interest in it but that isn't true we all have an interest in that if we are members and residents of this county," said Holland.

You can get a look at the sample ballot for Wichita County by clicking HERE!

If you don't know what your precinct is you can find out by looking at the Wichita County precinct map when you click HERE!

You can also find your local Wichita County polling station by clicking HERE!