Two MSU students react to reported sexual assaults in their dorm

Two MSU students react to reported sexual assaults in their dorm

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Two Midwestern State University students reacted Friday following two reported sexual assaults on campus in less than a month. The attacks both occurred in Killingsworth Hall which is a co-ed dorm this semester.

Both students are residents of the dorm and said they became more aware of their surroundings.

One attack took place in mid-April where a former MSU-football player was arrested. The other incident happened last Monday just before 3:00 a.m.

The girls said they noticed changes like fewer people following the dorm's policies in place after it became co-ed.

"I don't think anyone signs in or out anymore unless it's an adult, like parents," Cynthia Hubbard said.

The girls said the curfew system is not being followed either. They noticed they do not get card checked late at night.

"People come in and out all the time," Karen Earl said. "I come home at three in the morning and there's no one there."

But the Director of Housing at MSU, Kristi Schulte, does not see a connection between Killingsworth Hall becoming a co-ed dorm and the two sexual assaults.

The dorm has been co-ed during prior semesters. Legacy Hall and McCullough-Trigg are also both co-ed dorms.

Schulte said the school has a security policy in place to stop these kinds of attacks.

"We do have staff members on each floor, we also have a university police officer in the building and (making) rounds," Kristi Schulte said.

There are also security cameras inside and outside the dorms.

But Earl said that is not enough and she will not live in Killingsworth next semester.

"That's not a direct result just because of this but this definitely hasn't helped or made people feel safe."

Killingsworth Hall will switch back to an all-female dorm next semester. The switch for co-ed was a result of changes to other residence halls and "changes to student dynamics."

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