Kids taking part in "Lemonade Day"

Kids taking part in "Lemonade Day"


Kids of all ages are one step closer to becoming entrepreneurs by taking part in the 3rd annual Lemonade Day.

The event, hosted by the small business development center allows kids to set up old fashion lemonade stands all across Wichita Falls.
Some stands however have a twist.
Customers can get a plain lemonade, or turn it up a notch by adding fruit or even ice cream.

One girl taking part has done Lemonade Day every year.

Her favorite lemonade to make, is called the Super Mega Blast Freeze.

We need to put in the ice cream if they want it, said Arlen Gonzalez, a fifth grader at Lamar Elementary.  A bit of ice, then the fruit, and then the lemonade.  If they want the flavor shot get it also and then we put the whipped cream on and then the cherry.

Gonzalez wants to use the money she earned from her stand to buy a cell phone.
Or a list of all the stand locations and times, click here.