Hundreds attend Harrison Brown's funeral in Graham to celebrate his life

Hundreds attend Harrison Brown's funeral in Graham to celebrate his life

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - Hundreds gathered in Graham to celebrate the life of one of their own, 19-year-old Harrison Brown on Saturday. Brown is a Graham High school graduate who died after being stabbed on the University of Texas campus earlier this week.

Everyone who met Harrison described him as loving, caring, and giving. They returned that love and support to someone who gave so much.

Lori Brown, his mother, said during her eulogy 'now is the time for forgiveness and love.'

The Brown family said they felt that love and Harrison would feel humbled if he saw how many people came out to remember his life.

"He would be 'oh shucks, no, no, no, no' he wouldn't want anyone to go through any trouble," Lori said. "But I think he would like it a little bit too."

Harrison's older brother, John Brown, said it's a comforting thought.

"It's a devastating time but for a real bad situation, it's comforting."

The Brown family comforted others as they fought back tears. During the funeral, the innocence of a child brought a smile to Harrison's parent's faces as their grandchild played on their lap.

Lori said her son was unique and his smile would stick out among thousands.

"If Harrison walked into the room right now, you would know he was Harrison."

John said Harrison would always put other's needs before his own. He said when Harrison was a young boy he refused to tell anyone how much pain his wisdom teeth caused him.

"They tore up his mouth but it was the same time during our father's illness," John said. "He refused to complain. he knew it was small potatoes compared to what our father was going through."

His mother said Harrison was always concerned about the suffering his father endures from ALS but now he worries no more.

"He's helping his father from above," Lori said.

John lead the crowd with a final 'Hook 'em Horns' in honor of his brother as the funeral service ended.

Lori said her son would receive so much joy from the scholarship established in his honor, Harrison Brown Memorial Scholarship, by the North Central Texas College because it helps another student with their education.

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