Wichita County residents vote for new jail

Wichita County residents vote for new jail

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita County will be getting a brand new $70 million jail as soon as 2020.

On May 6th, Wichita County voters decided they were in support of a $0.37 (per $100,000 value) property tax increase to pay for the bond that will support the construction of the new building.  The 672-bed structure will be located near the current Sprague Jail Annex in what is now currently the Jail Annex parking lot.

The county will also be getting a new booking center more capable of dealing with high numbers of arrests while staying within the regulations supported by Texas Commission on Jail Standards. 
For the past few years, the county has, at times, been out of compliance with the TCJS.  There were even fears that the county jail and jail annex could be shut down.  According to county authorities, the new jail will be completely up to the code with the TCJS.

The "yes" vote on the new jail will also see Wichita County saving a good amount of money in the future, too.  County commissioners have said that they spend nearly 30% of the county's budget on simple upkeep for the jail and jail annex.  They say a new jail will free up those funds and could see them focused towards other county projects.

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