Progress being made on WFISD Career Education Center

Progress being made on WFISD Career Education Center

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - On Monday, WFISD board members got an update on the facility and when it is on track to be finished.

Every week the district attempts to give the board updates on the progress, a process that started in March.

It is a way for everyone to see the project as it moves forward little-by-little.

Construction workers are now painting many of the walls, and cabinets are being added.

They are hoping to begin moving furniture into the building by mid-July.

Peter Griffiths, Associate Superintendent, said the workers have a flexible schedule and it is part of the reason why everything is still on track.

"Say there is an issue with something being delivered," Griffiths said. "We are not going to stop and wait for everyone. No one is sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Something else comes in. For instance, the cabinetry came in earlier than expected. And guess what, we are working on the cabinetry."

Griffiths said the pavement has gone in and he continues to feel encouraged.

"Of course you get nervous, a little more nervous, every time it rains or something happens," Griffiths said. "You're like, is this going to throw us off? But we have been very pleased that it is on track and keeps on moving."

There will be a ribbon cutting in early August.

It will give people an opportunity to walk through the facility and check it out.

However, there will be an open house held for the community the first week of September.

Griffiths said it will give people a chance to see it in action once the kids have arrived.

He said despite their optimism, there are a number of factors that still could delay the project, such as weather.

Griffiths adds that it is part of the reason why they are giving weekly updates to everyone.

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