Wichita Co. Democrats want yield signs on all Kell Expressway exits

Wichita Co. Democrats want yield signs on all Kell Expressway exits

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Not all exits along the Kell expressway have yield signs and some drivers want to see that changed.

Wichita County Democrats are advocating for yield signs on all Kell Boulevard exits saying it would make roads safer.

But paying for those yield signs is not cheap.

Texas Department of Transportation said each one cost $250 dollars and it is up to the drivers to follow the law.

The double white lines at the end of exit ramps pavements that lead to traffic on Kell Blvd. are intended to the same thing as yield signs.

John Richie, the chairman of the Wichita County Democrats, said funding the signs should not be an issue because the safety of all drivers is what is important.

"The state is in legislative session right now," Richie said. "We have a budget. We have a transportation fund. We've done various things and this is the price of doing business if you're going to create for infrastructure."

Drivers we spoke to who commute through Kell agree with Richie but some said they are not sure if everyone understands the traffic laws.

"Yield does not mean what it used to," Donna Perkins said.

She has lived in Wichita Falls her whole life and that includes when Kell was originally built.

Perkins said some drivers need to learn to give the right of way to drivers on double white lines exiting off the Kell expressway ramp.

"You get over to the other lane and that may mean you need to slow down but you should yield to those people that are already in that lane," Perkins said.

She is not the only one who sees people disregard traffic signs and not sure if anyone would follow any new yield signs.

"There are people who don't respect traffic signs and just drive fast avoiding following signs," Armando Juarez said.

But, Juarez said he does understand why people want more traffic signs.

"I would put them where there is a lot of traffic," Juarez said.

Perkins said educating the public is just as important as putting new traffic signs.

"Obviously I took my driver's license test along time ago but I take drivers safety classes every three years and those have really helped me," she said.

Richie said Wichita County Democrats already reached out to Mayor Stephen Santellana through a letter voicing their concerns.

Richie said he is confident Mayor Santellana would work with the Wichita County Democrats to make the roads safer.

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