City of Bowie moving forward after Mayor resigns

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Bowie is moving forward following the sudden resignation of Mayor, Larry Slack, early Monday afternoon.

"We had been at the hospital opening and everything seemed normal," City Secretary, Sandy Page said. "And I came in Monday morning to find a resignation letter from the Mayor and it was effective as of noon Monday."

Page said she was in disbelief.

"As soon as we received the letter, we put in a call to Mayor Slack and didn't get him right away."

Page was not the only one surprised.

Mayor Pro Tem, Scott Davis, said it was a shock to everybody, but respects the former mayor and his decision.

"I believe whatever led to his decision to resign from the Mayorship was extremely important," Davis said. "I don't believe he has ever been or will ever be a quitter."

Davis now turns his attention to filling Slack's spot.

"I will simply step into his position and take over his role," Davis said. "Continue down the exact same path he has already kind of laid out for everyone and we will just carry on."

However, Davis does not want anyone shaken by the news.

"It hasn't changed anything," Davis said. "We are still on the winning side. We are still going to go forward with any decisions that have previously been made."

A new mayor will be appointed at the June 6th meeting and then an election will take place in November.

Davis is happy to take the position for now but thinks, long term, his voice is stronger as a councilor.

"I truly believe I will play a bigger role in the success of our city just staying where I am at if we can find an appropriate person to play the role of Mayor," Davis said.

If you are interested in the job, you are encouraged to sign up with Page at the city offices.

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