Wichita County political group advocating $11 dollar minimum wage

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Minimum wage is currently $7.25 in Texas.

But the Wichita County Democratic Party is advocating for that to change.

They want to adjust it to $11.00 dollars an hour in the county.

The group believes this should have already happened.

They want to raise it because they believe it is time to look at it as sustainable income or an entry level wage.

But others fear it could hurt businesses by driving the prices you pay up.

"My workers are good workers," Rosa Viegas, Manager of the Gutierrez Family Restaurant said. "So if I have the money to give them that and more, I'd do it."

She would love to pay her workers more but says it would be hard.

"If we paid everybody $11 dollars an hour, we would probably be out of business," Viegas said. "It is either out of business, raise, or triple our prices."

"People are really going to be strapped for that extra dollar," John Richie, Chair of the Wichita County Democratic Party said. "Whether it is trying to get themselves covered in health care, whether it is trying to get a reliable car, or things of that nature."

Richie said if Texas met the 1968 minimum wage and brought it to fruition with the cost of living, it would be $10.77.

Newschannel 6 talked to a server off camera that said as great as it would be, prices would be driven up and more money would be taken out of their checks.

Richie said if businesses succeed, it will not effect them.

"If you build it and it is a successful business and you are running it correctly and ethically, and paying your people a descent wage, they will be out there talking about hey when we are getting ready to hire I will let you know because it is nice where I work," Richie said.

Viegas said she see's both sides of the debate and if minimum wage does go up, they will work around it and do what they have to do.

Richie said the wait staff he has talked to wants to see it go up and have a little bit of spending money in their pockets.

He said there are a lot of Midwestern State students that pay off their loans and stay out of debt by working as a server.

He believes they should have spending money as well and everyone deserves to be a little better off than how they started.

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