Local Wichita Falls man pushes for people to eat local

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - There is a new initiative in Wichita Falls encouraging people to eat at local restaurants instead of corporate chains. John Richie is a member of the Wichita County Democrats, and he's recently put together a list of 114 local restaurants that people can eat at and support to help keep the money in the community.

"On our website, we've gone in and put locally owned restaurants just to kind of start to get the community to support those not just in the democratic party, but the community,"said Richie.

William Harmon of Willie's Place has been making burgers in Wichita Falls for the last eight years.

"The mom and pop restaurants, they're a dying breed in a lot of cases. The chains come in, and it's hard to compete with the chains," said Harmon.

However, if Harmon keeps a strong following of customers, he believes they can survive and thrive.

"They are better when they are made with love and that happens when you have a small business, when you have that local," said customer Mysti Patterson.

That's the kind of thing that Richie believes could help boost economic growth in the Wichita Falls tax base.

"They know that their money is going to stay here at home.  They have to pay for sales tax for prepared food or folks who are working here and trying to make a living, that stays here in our community, and that's the important thing," said Richie.

For more on the push to eat local, you can view the Wichita County Democrats website by clicking HERE!