MSU celebrates graduation

MSU celebrates graduation

WICHITA FALLS, TX - After 5 years of hard work and dedication, Alexandra Copp is now being called a college graduate.

Copp came to MSU as a Biology major, but after 2 years changed her major to accounting.

Saturday, she walked the stage with diploma in hand and soon will be off to graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin.

"In a year, I'll graduate again and be a master of Accountancy," said Copp.
Megan Piehler also graduated Saturday and gave the commencement speech.

Her next step?

"I actually got a job as a collegiate leadership consultant for Gamma Phi Beta International," said Piehler.  "I'll be traveling all over the place to a bunch of different universities. I'm really excited."

Charles Frazier is graduating with a degree in Science and Athletic Training.

After 4 years of college, he is sad to say goodbye to MSU.

"I've been through so much here I've grown so much here and it's kind of it's a bitter sweet feeling it's a very bitter sweet feeling," said Frazier.

"It's crazy to think about where you were when you got here and it's been five years and I'm a completely different person," said Copp.

Many created lifelong friendships through clubs and organizations.

"I've got countless people that are near and dear to my heart," said Frazier.
"I met some really great people here and it's something I'll never forget," said Copp.

They add that they will always be a mustang.

"I love this place," said Frazier.  "If it wasn't for this place I wouldn't where I am today.  MSU will always have a special place in my heart."

"Take this as a moment not as an end...but as the beginning to going on to change the world," said Piehler.

Congratulations to all the 2017 graduates!