Three Day drag race wraps up Sunday at Wichita Falls Motor Speedway

WICHITA FALLS, TX - It was a big day for racing at the Wichita Falls Motor Speedway.

Sunday wrapped up a three day drag racing competition.

"I jumped in it and started racing," said Dylan Fowler of Iowa Park.  "11 years old I started out as a junior dragster and worked my way up to this car here."

People from all around came out to race and support racers this weekend.
"We got people from all over out here," said Darrell Reid, owner of the Wichita Falls Motor Speedway drag strip.  "West Texas, Midland, Odessa, Dallas, Oklahoma City.  They come from everywhere out here to race."
Reid said this is a sport for all ages.
"Kids start in junior dragsters at the age of 5 and you've got 70 year old men out here racing," said Reid.
There's nothing more fun than getting a "win light"
"It's like nothing else," said Fowler.  "It's a big adrenaline rush.  This car drives like a Cadillac so I really don't have to do much to get it down the track."
"I mean that's what you're here for," said Reid.  "That's the adrenaline flowing that's what we're all hoping to see at the end of the day is to keep seeing all them win lights."

A total of around $15,000 in cash went to winners of the races this weekend.

Congratulations to all of those winners.

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