WF leaders looking to move forward on construction of Lake Ringgold

Location of Lake Ringgold
Location of Lake Ringgold

CLAY COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - Plans are in the works to move forward on construction of a new lake in Clay County.

Tuesday, Wichita Falls city councilors will vote on a resolution to move forward on the application process for Lake Ringgold.

The city said it would help satisfy its long-term water needs.

The water reuse project addresses its short-term needs by 2020.

But by 2070 city officials said Wichita Falls will be bigger and there will be an increase in water needs.

They believe that is why this project has to be done.

"To meet those needs, we need additional supply," Russell Schreiber, Director of Public Works said. "And the only supply, or the most economical supply, is Lake Ringgold."

2011 began the worst drought on record in Wichita Falls and city leaders do not want that to happen again.

"There are going to be other droughts," Schreiber said. "No doubt about it. Between now and the time Ringgold is built, we will probably have another two or three droughts."

That is why Schreiber and the Public Works Department are working hard right now to move forward on construction of Lake Ringgold.

"It's critical that the city looks at its long-term water needs," Schreiber said. "And since these projects take so long to develop, we have to start now."

It would take approximately 15-30 years to complete and cost around $300 million dollars.

The lake would sit on 6,500 acres of land northeast of Henrietta and be similar in size to Lake Arrowhead.

Schreiber said it is their job to make sure the city's water supply is adequate.

"We don't just wake up one day and say wait a minute we are out of water," Schreiber said. "We can't do that. We have to plan. We have to look into the future and it's hard to predict the future. I want the public to have confidence in us that we know what we are doing. That we are making informed decisions and are making the right decisions."

Lake Kickapoo was constructed by the city in the 1940's and Lake Arrowhead in the 1960's following large droughts.

Schreiber said the city has to have another reservoir to function the way it needs to in the future.

Alex Achten will be at that meeting to see how this turns out.

You can follow him on twitter @Alex_KAUZ for the latest details.

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