Wichita Falls leaders working towards bringing more aerospace jobs to the city

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Wichita Falls city councilors and staff are trying to develop a strategy to attract aerospace companies to the area.

Tuesday the council and the economic development corporation met with consultants they hired to help them achieve that goal.

Texoma has a rich history of being an aviation region.

Wichita Falls has identified aerospace as their number one target industry for expansion.

"Those are great jobs," City Manager, Darron Leiker said. "They tend to be higher paying jobs, tend to be skilled jobs obviously. And those are the coveted jobs that communities go after."

The city hired Bruce Facility Planning Consultants to help identify how to target those jobs.

The consulting firm found there is an industry for aerospace, but there needs to be more economic activity.

"Our job is to build a better community," C.E.O. of the Chamber of Commerce, Henry Florsheim said. "And part of that is how do we attract new jobs and new investment and help existing companies here do the same."

Which Florsheim said creates more jobs in those sectors, and generates more sales tax to fix roads and develop downtown.

Both Florsheim and Leiker believe a strategic plan is vital moving forward.

"You have to have a road map to know where you are going," Leiker said. "And that's essentially what this is. This is our roadmap that we need to follow."

"It is a big puzzle with pieces that never stop moving," Florsheim said.

Florsheim adds the city is looking hard at how to continue and get better at what they are doing to build a better community.

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