New Vernon city manager said to be the "right fit'

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Vernon's revolving door of city managers finally closed after the mayor and city commissioners approved Martin Mangum to fill that position, for two years.

Mangum was approved unanimously at the special meeting held at Vernon City Hall on Tuesday.

Mangum is not in town but already started working in his new position. He talked to Newschannel 6 over the phone about his new position and he said he is excited about returning home.

"I'm looking forward to it," Mangum said. "I enjoy the people of West Texas and in the panhandle of Texas. They are some of the friendliest people in the world."

Magnum said he does share concerns that the city of Vernon has had multiple city managers in the last two years which started with Joe Jarosek. Jarosek resigned in September 2016. Recently interim city manager Joe Pence resigned last week but Mangum trusts his management skills.

"I have confidence in my ability to work with people and my ability to manage cities," Mangum said. "I have 18 years of experience doing that."

Vernon Mayor Joe Rogers said he is a great fit for the city.

"We signed a two-year contract with him," Mayor Rogers said. "We wouldn't have signed that if we weren't confident he would work with us."

The city was near bankruptcy four years ago.

"We've gone through and pulled ourselves out of that and it seems to me he's going to be a welcome addition to our community and help us move forward," Commissioner Guy Spears said.

Mangum already started working on his new position trying to balance the budget that will take effect in October.

"It's a daily operation monitoring those situations to make sure that the city doesn't get into that situation again," Magnum said.

The city is financially stable now and they want to start working on a project that will excite sports fans, a new sports complex.

"We want to attract families during the weekends in the summer to come to Vernon to play ball instead of all us traveling with our kids elsewhere," Spears said.

The city already started working on a waterline project four months ago. They are still surveying where to put the waterline and Mangum said he is excited to start on the project as well.

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