New technology makes several people feel safer during severe weather

Source RNN
Source RNN

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Weather changes constantly.

Tuesday was a First Alert Weather Day but Wednesday it is back to being sunny.

Several Texomans said they feel safer with new technology during severe weather days because new information helps them stay ahead of the storm.

"I want to know what I'm driving into," Alan Pogue said. "I know there is a storm coming and I'm going to Waco tomorrow."

The Archibald family said a text alert made their road trip from Florida to the Grand Canyon safer while driving through Texas.

"When we first headed to Texas, they are talking about tornadoes coming so it gave us ample time warning through text messaging to find a place to stay for the night," Scott Archibald said.

Dana Archibald received the message and let her husband know immediately.

"I told him we probably need to find shelter because they are calling for some severe weather," Dana said laughing. "It's coming at us so we need to just go ahead and find a place for the night and we don't have to worry."

They are not only traveling for three weeks across the country but they are doing it on a motorcycle.

"It's a major benefit for guys like me on a motorcycle when you've got no real protection from the weather," Scott said.

They said they do not only use technology for severe weather alerts but just for heading outdoors too.

"On the motorcycle, it's more just the day to day stuff we need to be aware of," Dana said.

The Archibald family said they watch the local news as well like our First Alert Weather Team.

First Alert 6 Weather Center is not the only place to find the latest on Texoma weather.

You can also download our First Alert 6 Weather App for free at your Apple App store or Google Play.

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