5th graders get hands-on experience at "College Bound Kids" program

5th graders get hands-on experience at "College Bound Kids" program

BOWIE, TX (KAUZ) - Even though classes at North Central Texas College in Bowie are not in session, 5th graders from Nocona, Forestburg, Goldburg, Prairie Valley, and Bowie got to step into the classroom Thursday learning everything from petroleum to how the body works.

One of those students is Skyler Smith.

She is visiting a college campus for the first time today.

"We dissected pig and a dissected mama cat," said Smith.

"They love the nursing lab," said Charissa Kutie, a teacher at Prairie Valley middle school.  "Getting to see a lot more realistic mannequins that they have that it's very interesting to see how much they can do now in a lab."

"We got to feel like how a baby like a human would breathe and we got to see a seizure and we got to see the baby cry," said Smith.

This is all part of the College Bound Kids program, a program that organizer Robin Studdard said starts with 5th-grade students to show them the possibilities of going to college.

"Giving these young people a chance to come out to the school and visit around," said Studdard.  "To some of the rooms and hear students talk and have some hands-on experience that they start to open their eyes and making them question what are they going to do with their lives."

While the students we talked to today do not know what they want to be when they grow up, they do want to go to college.

"So you can know more things about science or history," said 5th grader John Thancedillo.

"A hands-on experience to where they can kind of see what is offered here," said Kutie.  "Even just career wise that they don't get to see on a normal basis."

8th and 10th graders also take part in this program.

The focus the college has for the older students is to take part in dual credit programs.

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