What to do when you live in an apartment during a tornado alert

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A severe storm can turn tornadic very quickly. The Red Cross of America in Wichita Falls said the best thing tenant living on the upper floors of an apartment complex can do is have a plan.

"If you live on the second or third floor, you need to find a neighbor that's on the first floor and talk to them," Katrina Farmer said. "See if you can come down. Make your plan."

You can also hide inside a closet or a bathtub in your bathroom.

"Stay as close to the middle of the building as you can get with no windows in that room," Farmer said.

She has experienced the devastation a tornado can cause. Her hometown Joplin, Missouri was hit by an EF-5 tornado, six years ago.

"We did lose family homes, we lost one family member in that storm," Farmer said. "It can happen. It can happen to any of us."

She was in Wichita Falls when the storm hit.

"We turned on the tv and looked at the weather channel and I knew right where they were," Farmer said. "I knew who lived right by there and I knew the storm tracked right past my parents."

Farmer advised being prepared and creating a plan can increase your chances of staying safe during a tornado, whose strong winds can devastate a city.

"To go back home and see that everything you knew is gone, I still go back now six years later and look," Farmer said." "I don't really know where I am sometimes," she said holding back tears. "The blue house isn't there, the church that was there isn't there and every school that I went to are destroyed."

Farmer said making phone calls may not work and the best way to alert families that you are safe is to download the Red Cross Tornado app. You can send a message using that app to everyone in your contact list letting them know you are okay. You can also download the First Alert 6 Weather app on Google Play and the App Store to stay up to date on all the latest weather news in Texoma.

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