Storms affecting Santa Rosa Round Up attendance

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - The severe storms poured down on roads in Texoma and rodeos too. The storms put a damper on celebrations for the 72nd Annual Santa Rosa Round Up.

Grounds crews started working Friday morning to make sure the rodeo would be open that night.

Thursday's storms not only affected the grounds but the stands too.

"Our spectator crowd was very minimal last night but there were a few die-hard rodeo fans that came out," Larry Drennan said. "We probably had a hundred folks in the stands [Thursday] night."

Many of the activities planned for Thursday's rodeo were canceled except for the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association.

It was not the first time a storm has affected the Santa Rosa Round Up. Vernon residents said the last time they can remember a clear sky on a rodeo night was during the drought.

"You can expect the rain, or hail or all of the above," Misty Tyra, owner of Three Hearts Steakhouse said. "Everyone that comes to the rodeo pretty much expects it."

It is not all bad news for Vernon businesses. Tyra said her steakhouse has been booming.

"We've been very busy and rodeo week has been no different," Tyra said. "I think maybe the weather has driven people in."

Drennan remained positive about the success of the event.

"We're going to have the Santa Rosa Round Up come rain or shine unless it's just lightning or tornado, or hail storm, we'll have the rodeo."

He expects their final event on Saturday will draw in the large crowds with the Santa Rosa Dance and a performance by Walker McGuire.

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