Electra residents still without power 24 hours after storms

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - People living in Electra are still in the dark Friday after the transmission lines to their power source were damaged in Thursday's storms.

While some businesses and residents are using generator power to keep their lights on.

70-year-old Shirly Whitman has lived in Electra since 1979.

Friday was not her first experience with no power.

"Well I've been sitting out on the porch so I can see," said Whitman.  "I washed my dishes in the dark last night."

Many people like Whitman were in the dark for at least 24 hours.

But some businesses still had power like Allsup's. It was busy with people like Trinton Sosebee.

"I mean it's a small town everybody knows everybody," said Sosebee.  "Everybody is kind of used to it.  Whenever a big storm like this hits.  We know it's going to happen it happens every time a big storm like this hits.  The power went out and everybody is coming to Allsup's.  Everybody is getting out trying to get gas for their generators so they can run off generators."

For those who don't have a generator, like Whitman, she has other concerns.

"I have to throw all our food away," said Whitman.  "Everything and when you live by the month like I do being 70-years-old it's hard to throw that food away."

Places like Texoma Ice were out on Friday handing out ice for people stuck in the dark.

Workers with the city also making rounds to check on the elderly.

One of the big goals, making sure water stays in the water tower.

City administrator, Steve Bowlin said things like Thursday can't be predicted.

"These are acts of God. This is mother nature. We have no control over this," said Bowlin.  "These are things we can not prevent.  These guys are out working. They've been working for several hours all day and all night. You know, they're not at home sitting back watching TV.  They're out working real hard trying to restore the power."

As for Whitman, she will be spending another night in the dark.

"Maybe tomorrow we'll have electric," said Whitman.

According to City Administrator Steve Bowlin, power would be restored at the earliest by Saturday morning.

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