What to do to avoid flooded roads

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - There has been heavy rainfall across much of Texoma the last few days.

TxDOT officials want you to be careful if you have to drive anywhere.

There are no major road closures being reported.

According to TxDOT, there is water on Highway 183 south of Vernon and Highway 25 north of Electra, but it is passable.

However, that does not mean roads will not be closed later into the evening.

"We never know what is going to happen in a situation like this," TxDOT's Adele Lewis said. "We are looking at the forecast and it's saying three more inches. Who knows. We have all of our maintenance forces out working the streets."

They are working hard to make sure everyone stays safe while heavy rain hits Texoma.

"During these type of times you will see our personnel parked on the side of the road where it is flooded or there is water on the roadway," Lewis said. "And we will be monitoring it and only allowing certain vehicles through it."

Lewis said if they do close roads, they will block them off with barrels and barricades

"That is your signal not to go through," she said. "Turn around and don't drown. Do not move the barricade, do not move the barrels. You don't know what's behind that barrel or that barricade. We know from the numbers that more people die from flooding than do from tornadoes and the lightning combined. So that's what is going to kill you our there in these type of days."

Lewis said her best advice would be just to use common sense.

"Two years ago we had complete roads washed away that we never guessed would have washed away," she said. "And that's what's behind those barrels and barricades. If you go out there, you are going to get stuck or hurt and no one will know you're even out there."

There is a way you can track the road conditions. For the link, click here.

Lewis also reminds you to use caution when driving on wet roads.

She said it doesn't take much to hit a slick spot and lose control of your car.

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