Family spreads message of water safety "Remembering Wyatt Dale" event

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - The city of Graham was filled with excitement Saturday at the "Remembering Wyatt Dale" event.

Over the last four years this event has grown to bouncing houses to dunk tanks to even a 5k.  One thing that has not changed is the reason why the event was started in the first place and that is to remember Wyatt Dale.

Tracey Terasas remembers her grandson as a blonde hair, blue eyed, bundle of joy who loved spending time on the water.
"He loved water sprinklers but he also loved getting out on the lake," said Terasas.

In July 2013, Wyatt, his sister, and dad decided to make a quick trip to Possum Kingdom lake before going to Teresas' house.

It's what happened next, that would change that family's life.

"Wyatt stepped into the water just a few feet out in front Aaron turned around to put the shoes on the beach," said Teresas.  "When he turned around just five seconds later the waves had come in and swept Wyatt under and he had not realized that he had gone under. Wyatt didn't come home that day."

It was through this loss that she and her family knew they needed to do something to prevent this happening to other kids.

In came the idea giving out life jackets to kids in need.

The idea started with just handing out life jackets on the beach, and with the support from the community has grown to something bigger.
"This is the 4th year and it's just growing more and more and we're excited that we get the opportunity to share Wyatt's story," said Teresas.

Teresas wants to pass along the importance of water safety and hopes Wyatt's story can do that, "One jacket at a time."

"We want them to get the heart of water safety," said Teresas.  "We want them to know it's important to wear a life jacket."

In the last 4 years, 2,000 jackets have been given out and the family said they want Wyatt's message to be all across the Lone Star State.
Wyatt's father said the family is also working to getting water safety signs put up on beaches.

One is already up at Possum Kingdom lake, and their goal is to get the signs on every beach in Texas.