Family of man shot and killed in Vernon remembers their loved one

VERNON, TX (KAUZ) - The family and friends of the victim who was shot and killed Saturday morning in Vernon spoke to Newschannel6 about their loved one. 62-year-old Jerry McBride was shot and killed on the 1100 block of Houston street.

Vernon Police arrested Charlie Harner Bryant in connection with the shooting. He's charged with capital murder.

His family came together outside his home and shared stories to comfort each other about their loved one who was killed.

"I just hollered and my wife came to me and asked me what was wrong and I just said 'Shawna said Jerry passed away," Jimmie Mathis said. "I had to take a moment." Mathis is the cousin of McBride's wife but they consider each other brothers.

The death left everyone speechless and McBride's wife was unable to speak from the grief.

"I just walked up on here on the porch and hugged her," Mathis said. "She couldn't talk really because she was still reeling and she was shook up real bad."

The father of six was described by family and friends as a man who would give his shirt off his back to strangers. Mathis said McBride was always there for him in his time of need.

"I was hurt on my job and they had me on disability," Mathis said. "Things were going really bad for me and my wife."

Mathis said he was initially too proud to ask for help but when he called McBride answered.

"He told me to come down and talk to him. He handed me some money and told me to pay him back when I could."

Everyone who knew him said McBride was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan and the Cowboy Club in Vernon was his second home.

But the crime scene tape surrounding the building tell a different story now. Eyewitnesses said that is where he was shot multiple times.

"Times like this people give five or ten different stories," Mathis said. "My conclusion is somebody tried to rob him and they shot him. It's just senseless you know?"

McBride would have been 63-years-old in July.

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