Wichita County benefiting from change in jail repair protocol

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita County Sheriff's Office and county commissioners recently changed the way they do work orders on the jail, and they're seeing the benefits.

41 repairs were made this past week, 32 without work orders.

Instead of filing a work order for every repair, they are fixing many of the problems when they discover them.

The county budgeted money for two maintenance engineers to work inside the jail to address these issues.

David Duke, the Wichita County Sheriff, said it has worked very well and that there's been a large decrease in work orders since the change.

He said less work orders means repairs are getting addressed quicker.

"They get it fixed right then and don't have to put in a work order," Sheriff Duke said. "So it's not sitting in a line of other work orders that would take sometimes weeks and weeks to get fixed."

He said that the maintenance workers have helped speed up the work so much that they are planning on having the same structure once the new jail is built and opened.

Larger repairs, like cracks in the wall or structural issues, still have to be fixed with a work order.

A majority of the work completed without those orders has been plumbing and electrical.

At Monday's commissioners court meeting there were no jail orders that needed to be addressed.

It is the second meeting this month with no jail work orders.

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