Mosquito population on the rise following storms

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Mosquitoes will quickly multiply this week.

There was a lot of rainfall last week causing many areas of sitting water across Texoma.

This, mixed with the warmer temperatures, will help mosquitoes breed quickly this week.

"Here in a couple of days, especially with the nice warm weather you've predicted we will have a mosquito bloom. They will be everywhere," Susan Morris environmental health administrator for Wichita County said.

Morris said they expect the breed of mosquitoes that carry West Nile and possibly Zika to be back in the region.

The good news is the trucks can spray and kill the West Nile mosquitoes, but the Zika mosquitoes like to stay close to the grass.

"That mosquito we call ankle biters. The Aedes aegypti, they are active daytime biters, and they like to rest in the grass. They like to hang around your house. We don't spray your yard," Morris said.

Homeowners are responsible for preventing mosquitoes from breeding on their property by treating puddles with larvicide and dumping any standing water from outdoor containers.

"That is the best way and the cheapest way we can prevent mosquitoes from reproducing," Morris said.

Female mosquitoes can lay 100-400 eggs allowing the population to really boom when there is available water.

"We can go out and we can treat our roadside ditches and our public lands, but we can't treat in your backyard, or your front yard, and your rain gutters, and any place like that where the mosquitoes will be breeding," Morris said.

Last year there were 370 reported West Nile cases, and six mosquito born Zika cases in Brownsville.

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