Cavender's named 2017 Retailer of the Year

Cavender's named 2017 Retailer of the Year

NEW YORK, NY (KAUZ) - Cavender's was named The Headwear Association 2017 Retailer of the Year.

The award was presented on April 27th and the 109th annual The Headwear Association Dinner in New York City.

Clay Cavender said during his acceptance speech, "It's a big honor to receive this award. We've been in business 52 years, not 102 like some of you! I've heard a lot of good stories here tonight and it's an honor to be here and accept this award. I do a lot with our company but I am heavily involved with hats. I look out in the crowd and see a lot of familiar faces I work with on a monthly basis. Again, it is an honor to receive this award."

A Cavender's location has been operational in Wichita Falls since March of 2012.

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