North Clay Co. residents come together after losing power from storm

PETROLIA, TX (KAUZ) - Petrolia, Dean, and Byers residents are working with each other as power is out for almost 900 homes and businesses after Monday night's storm.

Some businesses are keeping their business open to its neighbors.

The manager of Texas Pride 'N Joy, Petrolia's only grocery store said he wants to help the city that has embraced his family and their business.

"They've been nice to us, Franklin Parikh said. "We've got to give it back to them."

Parikh's parents own the grocery store and despite not having electricity they kept their store open.

"It's not (a) time to rest," Parikh said. "It would be nice to just sit down on the sofa and drink coffee but it's not (a) time to do that. It's time to help everybody."

Other businesses wanted to do the same but could not, like Holy Frijole, a family-owned restaurant.

"The community means so much to us," Mark Figueroa said. "We are open Monday through Saturday. A lot of people depend on us so it really broke our hearts to have this happen."

Figueroa and his wife, who live in Thornberry, did not know the power was out in Petrolia until they arrived.

"As we got closer to town, it was dark," Figueroa said.

Some Petrolia CISD students did not know their schools were closed Tuesday until that morning, like Petrolia High School senior Macon Armour.

Armour spent the weekend studying for this week's final.

"It gives me an extra day now but it's kind of an inconvenience," Armour said. "Some of the stuff we need to learn is on a computer and it's hard to do it without any electricity."

Petrolia CISD said in a press release schools will remain closed on Wednesday. 

Texas-New Mexico Power Company said power should be restored at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday.

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