Police Department using social media to keep crime off streets

WICHITA FALLS, TX - Keep crime off the streets.

That is the goal of the Wichita Falls Police Department.

Doing so is getting a little bit easier thanks to social media.

Sergeant Harold McClure with the Wichita Falls Police department said social media has played a huge role in helping the department catch suspects.

He said a simple share gets the message out quickly and can sometimes help them solve crimes.

"Everybody is on their phone, that iPad, the computer," said Sergeant McClure.  "Liking this and liking that and sharing this."

McClure said using Facebook and twitter is like the modern day 'wanted poster' that can be shared instantly to the world.

Departments post to their own social media pages of suspects or even people they are looking to identify asking for help from the public.

"You're able to get the word out to hundreds...thousands...even millions of people through shares and likes and posts and reposts," said McClure.  "All of a sudden that information is out there fast."

McClure said the community working together with the Police Department is helping them fight crime.

"You do have the law enforcement side working. You've got the media side working," said McClure.  "Whether it's conventional media or social media you've got the community all working together to get these individuals off the street."

Sergeant McClure said they don't use social media just to post who they may be looking for.

They also use it to give warning to the community for things like spikes in crimes like car break-ins or package thefts.

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