Wichita Falls art district is growing with downtown

9th Street Studio Mural
9th Street Studio Mural
9th Street Studios Mural
9th Street Studios Mural

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - An artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma is in Wichita Falls to paint a mural on the side of the 9th Street Studios building downtown.

The mural is not the only new addition to the downtown art district.

Daniel Gulick began working on it Wednesday morning, but had to stop and power wash old paint off the wall.

This mural will be just one piece of a growing art district in a growing downtown.

"Not everyone wants to go into a gallery and look," Gulick said. "They might be uncomfortable in the gallery setting. But public art is art for the masses."

He thinks the mural is something everyone will enjoy.

"People can take whatever they want from it," Gulick said. "When they drive by they can make their own interpretations from it and see it how they want to see it."

It is not the only new mural downtown.

Two weeks ago another was painted behind Little H Creative near 8th and Indiana.

Jeanette Charos, Marketing Director for Wichita Falls Downtown Development, said all of the new art is part of a growing art district.

"It helps with walkability when people come downtown," Charos said. "There's new places to discover, you can walk around, go from one mural to another, try to find the different horses. It adds into exploring more of downtown."

In February when city leaders decided to make downtown revitalization their top priority, that included a successful art district.

"The arts is finally coming back around because it was stagnant for the longest time," Gulick said. "And these towns are embracing that. So it's nice to be welcomed with the chance to do a huge mural like this."

Charos said Wichita Falls has more artists than people realize.

"We have live music venues, theaters to watch live performances, we are painting these murals," Charos said. "It all adds to Wichita Falls' culture."

And she believes a booming art district is vital to downtown growth.

"We're gonna have all those essentials for people to really live, work, and play downtown, which is great for downtown Wichita Falls."

Gulick will also be having an art show called "Mind Control" inside 9th Street Studios on May 27th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Development leaders encourage people to explore downtown and check out the art.

They add the district needs your support to continue to grow.

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