Texas BBQ bill awaiting Governor Abbott's approval or veto

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The state of Texas is waiting for Governor Greg Abbott to weigh in on a new bill that supporters claim would lift regulations and opponents say instead of trimming the fat the bill would add to it.

Daddy Bob's Smokewagon has been selling BBQ meat by the pound for years. One of their most loyal customers is Gary Ford who purchases two pounds of cooked ham here once a week.

"I love the ham, I take it home and make sandwiches. I mean as a consumer I come up here to buy a pound or two pounds of ham I expect to get a pound or two pounds of ham, not the chefs guessing at it," said Ford.

It cost about $35 for a BBQ restaurant to have their weigh scales registered and approved by the state. However, a bill on the Texas Governors desk could exempt BBQ joints like Daddy Bobs from having their scales certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. The same group that certified the scales that are used to measure out Ford's two pounds of ham inside Daddy Bob's food truck.

"I don't think that's right," said Ford.

"Daddy Bob" Bratcher, owner of Daddy Bob's Smokewagon showed us his certified scales inside of his food truck. Bratcher said he's happy to have the state of Texas come out and check his scales should they choose to do so. The pit master said that it's all about putting out a product that customers like Ford know is fair in weight.

"The initial application was $35 dollars and the scales were about $300 it's really not that large compared to the amount of business that you do," said Bratcher.

Ford said that he trusts Bratcher and most other BBQ joints but he's weary that outside vendors could try to take advantage and tip the scales against him and other customers.

"And you never know because you don't have a scale in your car," said Ford.

I don't want him to sign it I think they need to keep the scales on for customer protection.

You can look at the legislation by clicking HERE!