WF woman's phone is stolen after she let a teen borrow it to call for help

WF woman's phone is stolen after she let a teen borrow it to call for help

WICHITA FALLS, TX - A Wichita Falls woman is looking for answers after she said a group of teenagers stole her phone Tuesday.

"I had been answering text messages all morning long," said Bush.

Bush was loading things into her car Tuesday when a group of teenagers came up to her.

One of them said he had locked himself out of his house, and asked to borrow her phone to call his dad.

That's when things turned sour.

"I yelled out and said wait, stop bring me my phone back but they just kind of laughed and kept on running," said Bush.

The teens took off with Bush's phone.

The next thing she did was get in her car to chase down the teens.

Bush chased the teens for a while, but the group started jumping fences and that is when she lost them.

She then headed to the Wichita Falls Police Department to file a police report.

When she got there, she was surprised by their answer.

"She said 'I have some unfortunate news'," said Bush. "We are not able to classify this as a theft because you handed the phone to the guy then you let him borrow the phone."

Newschannel6 reached out to the police department to see if this is true.

Sergeant Harold McClure said anytime something is taken from you, even if you do loan it to someone, you can file a report of theft if it's not returned.

"Just because you give someone your phone to borrow it doesn't mean they have the right to run off with it and keep it," said McClure.  "It would be the same thing as 'hey can you take a picture for me' and so you're standing there and let someone borrow your camera and take a picture. That doesn't mean you can run off and now...claim ownership of the camera."

As for Bush, she has one hope for the future.

"I don't want to say don't try to help somebody," said Bush.  "Thinking back on it now I hope that in the future say well if you give me the number I'll dial it for you rather than handing my phone off."

After making a second trip to the police department Wednesday, Bush was able to file a police report.

Sgt. Harold McClure said he is unaware of anyone telling Bush she could not file a report but wants to remind the public anytime you feel as if you may have been treated unfairly by the department, you can always ask to speak to a supervisor.

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