Texas Governor Abbott will soon sign or veto new livestock crime bill

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott will decide if criminally killing a cow should carry a stiffer penalty. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association says that they've seen a disturbing increase in the criminal killing of livestock.

"People finding cattle shot hunters and stuff but not a whole lot of it, but as far as crimes against cattle I've never had anything stolen any problems with that at all," said Mike Schreiber a dairy farmer from Windthorst.

House Bill 2817 would ensure that those who criminally kill a cow would be held more responsible by increasing the severity of the crime. The bill recently made it through both the state house and senate before the years first legislative session ends. Under the proposed law criminally killing a cow would become a third-degree felony.

"We need stiffer penalties," said Larry Ogle a Texoma Cattleman.

Ogle said he's experienced his fare share of bad luck when it comes to being a victim of cow crime. Ogle said while he's never had a cow killed on his property thieves have stolen his livestock in the past.

"It'll keep'em off the street a lot longer if we can put them away longer, shirley that will help a lot," said Ogle.

State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle believe that Governor Abbott will sign the bill into law.