Hometown Pride Tour: Jay Markham South Side Barber Shop

GRAHAM, TX (KAUZ) - Located on the square of downtown Graham rests a 60-year-old barber shop.

Over the years, there have been three owners.

The most recent is Jay Markham, who has big shoes to fill.

"We're trying to carry on our family legacy of cutting men's hair, cutting women's hair, women's hair color, and selling the best products in the world," said Markham, owner of Jay Markham's South Side Barber Shop.

Markham is not the first barber in his family.

His dad, Jim Markham worked alongside Jay Sebring, a popular barber in the 1960's.

Sebring cut hair for celebrities like Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra.

In 1969, Sebring was killed in the Manson murders.

Markham then took over some of Sebring's clients.

"I'm just real lucky I guess," said Jay Markham. "I'm going to try and carry it on and do the best I can."

Over the years, Jim Markham was able to create a special hair cut called "The Markham Method," which became one of the most popular kinds of haircuts for men.

Since then, the Markham family has expanded by creating several hair care product lines.

One of those products being color proof, a popular shampoo for women with color treated hair.

A product that Jay Markham sells at his shop in Graham.

"A lot of times in a small town they're the last to know," said Markham.  "Well guess what Graham is the first to know just like the rest of the country and the rest of the world."

Markham has cut hair in cities all across the country, but it is the sense of community that keeps him in the small Texoma town.

"To have generation to generations coming in somewhere I liked my chances of being able to come in and take it up a level or two.  It's much more fun I will say that.  The people of Graham are very supportive," Markham said.

Markham is making sure to remember where he came from and continue that family legacy.

"He's laid the trail for me," said Markham.  "I've just got to follow it and I've learned a lot from him for hard work. But (I'm) very passionate about that and I think if you're passionate about whatever you do you'll be successful."

Jay Markham is working to bring back "The Markham Method" of haircut.

He said when his dad started doing the cut in the 1970's, he would charge about $50 a cut.

Markham said that would be about $215 today.

Markham however, is doing that cut on the square of Graham, for $16.

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