Wichita Falls based Music & Art Magazine "The HUB of North Texas" to host Battle of The Bands

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Sitting in between Dallas/Fort Worth and Oklahoma City sits the HUB of North Texas, Wichita Falls. We're not just talking about the city itself but in fact an entertainment magazine hoping to promote and highlight the art and sounds of the Wichita Falls scene. It's all to make the 'Falls the next big star on the Texas map.

"The whole goal has just been to promote local music local art there's so many great musicians in town. We have a battle of the bands coming up Saturday," said David Fowler Publisher for The HUB of North Texas.

This Saturday from noon to midnight the gates will open inside of The Yard Food Truck Park for The HUB's first Battle of the Bands. This is the first year that The HUB has hosted a Battle of the Bands. Fowler said The Battle will be a great way to mark the magazines one year anniversary. With 15 bands from near and far away already signed up to perform Fowler believes The Battle will feel more like a music festival.

"We're not in competition with anyone else in town we're just doing our own thing promoting local," said Fowler.

The goal is to have continuous music throughout the day so that while one band is setting up another is performing. The Battle will be divided into two categories one for group with prizes from $500 to $100 and one for acoustic with prizes from $250 to $50. Tim Maloney is a bassist for many Wichita Falls bands he's also a contributing writer for The HUB. Maloney believes that the Falls can be the next great arts and music scene not just in North Texas but in all the state.

"I want this to be the place to be because we're the biggest city between Dallas and Oklahoma City and we're the biggest place between Amarillo and Tyler so we're the HUB of entertainment in North Texas," said Maloney.

The event is free for all to attend and listen. Fowler is encouraging attendees to wear their swim suits as they plan to bring in both pools and beach balls to give The Battle a beach party theme.

For more information about The HUB of North Texas you can click HERE for a link to their site.