Flood water in Throckmorton begin to recede

THROCKMORTON COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - As of 6:50 p.m. Friday, Throckmorton Mayor Will Carroll said the town is doing much better.

The spillway at Lake Throckmorton has gone down considerably.

Carroll said roads have reopened, but TxDOT still shows U.S. 183 heading south out of Throckmorton is still closed.

There is damage to Pump Service and the local lumber yard.

Four homes had water inside.

Residents are returning to their homes trying to salvage anything they can.

The city park saw quite a bit of damage according to Carroll.

"It is crazy to think (that) three years ago there was no water in the lake," Carroll said.

The Throckmorton VFD and surrounding fire departments, as well as the Throckmorton County Sheriff's Office, helped resident evacuate and get the flooding situation under control.

Carroll said here is no utility damage but Verizon cell service is down. However, AT&T cell service appears to be working.

Carroll said FEMA is on standby but not needed at this time.

"All in all, we are very fortunate a lot of people are helping," Carroll said.


Steady rainfall in Throckmorton Friday caused dangerous flooding.

Mayor Will Carroll told Newschannel 6 driving to Throckmorton is dangerous if not impossible.

Carroll said 12 homes and one business have flooded so far.

First responders evacuated the area of town near the spillway where water is coming over into the town.

The dam is holding up but Carroll said there are emergency plans in place for if the dam was to break or become compromised.

Carroll said Throckmorton has seen more than eight inches since 6:00 a.m. Friday.

Residents are being told to go to the Throckmorton High School gym for shelter or one of the local churches.

Any rushing water should be considered dangerous. Just six inches of water can knock over ad adult and one foot can sweep away a small car.

The Throckmorton Volunteer Fire Department has reported five feet of water on the town's south side.

With more rain in the forecast for the weekend, crews are focusing on keeping everyone safe.

Video courtesy of Tina Hantz.

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