Wichita County students prepare to dazzle at State 4-H Roundup

Wichita County students prepare to dazzle at State 4-H Roundup

WICHITA COUNTY, TX (KAUZ) - One of the Wichita County 4-H groups heading to the State 4-H Roundup next Tuesday is competing in the Duds to Dazzle competition.

"The state round up is a big deal for all of us because it's the single largest youth event anywhere," 4-H Volunteer, Danelle Ivey said.

"We've never been to state round up before so this will be our first time. It's exciting for us," Kelsey Thomas said.

Thomas is competing along with Lauren Armstrong, and Rachel Brockriede.

Dud's to Dazzel is where the group takes a piece of clothing and transforms it into something new.

"(Its) based on the kind of shows like Project Runway," Ivey said.

The girls have 45 minutes to take an item of clothing they are given and turn it into something else.

"With this jacket we can make it into a skirt or a purse," Thomas said.

"This long sleeve shirt. You could stuff the sleeves and make it into a dog bed by cuffing it around," Armstrong said.

"This is a skirt and they just cut the top off the blue jeans and added the fabric," Brockriede said.

Last night they practiced and made a purse out of shorts.

"This is a great group of girls. They've been super motivated, They have been practicing on their own for almost four month's now," Ivey said.

They are headed to College Station with a plan to win

"It may not be the best project, but the way you present it, the way you sell the product is kind of you winning," Armstrong said.

A contest that not only gives them friends, and a chance to win scholarship money for college but skills they can use for the rest of their life.

"If you talk to a lot of college students who came out of 4-H is all the academic stuff they learned high school was great but whenever they had to go to the job interview and the button fell off of their jacket which skill did they go back to that saved them for that job interview," Ivey said

About $2.5 million of scholarships are handed out to high school seniors every year through the 4-H program.

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