Hometown Pride Tour: Windthorst Fine Meats

Maria and Jaime Carcano carry on the family tradition at Windthorst Fine Meats
Maria and Jaime Carcano carry on the family tradition at Windthorst Fine Meats

WINDTHORST, TX (KAUZ) - Our Hometown Pride Tour of Windthorst kicks off with a look at a business that has been serving customers throughout Texoma for more than 40 years.

Windthorst Fine Meats was founded by Luis Carcano, a Mexican immigrant, in 1975.

Today his son Jaime and grandson Chris are carrying on his legacy.

Jaime said it was never his intentions to take over the family business, but has now developed a love and passion for cutting meat and is proud to call Windthorst home.

"I never knew I wanted to be in this business or liked it as much as I do now until I've gotten into it," said Carcano.

After high school, Carcano left Windthorst to pursue a career in the auto collision industry with no plans of returning, but as his father grew older Jaime knew he had to come home.

"I was kind of the prodigal son, I took off and never looked back and they didn't see a whole lot of me, but I'm back in Windthorst now," said Carcano.

Today Carcano runs the business his father started.

The family uses custom smokers to prepare their smoked meats and experiments with different seasonings to find new and unique flavors.

Though some things have changed over time, Carcano continues to operate with the same honesty and mentality his father instilled in him over 40 years ago.

Maria Carcano is the current owner of Windthorst Fine Meats. She is Jaime's mother.

She said this business would not be what it is today without the Windthorst community.

"Everyone is so connected to each other and they took us in like family," she said.

Today Carcano and his son are working together to expand the family business and grow it for future generations, but promise to still hold strong to their Windthorst family roots.

Carcano said, "We will always be here in Windthorst."

Windthorst Fine Meats will be at the 125th celebration this weekend.

You can also head to their web site for a wide variety of meats, jerky, dry aged steak and the Windthorst Sausage. (Click here)

We will have much more from Windthorst throughout the week as we continue our hometown pride tour, all leading up the towns 125th celebration this weekend.

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